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Protect Your Home From Disaster with Good Grill Safety

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

close-up of round grill loaded with food Everyone enjoys grilling, but make sure to protect yourself with good safety practices.

We love our barbecues, cookouts, and grills – summer and fall just would not be the same without the smell of someone nearby grilling up a tasty meal.

But a grill can be a potential disaster waiting to happen if you do not take the time and trouble to look after it and its surroundings – grillmasters can get a little complacent which can end in a fiery disaster.

It may seem obvious, but your grill is literally a fire, whether gas-powered or traditional charcoal and they can soon move from controlled to uncontrolled.

Start by keeping your barbecue well away from your home – at least 10 feet or more if possible. Fire can and does spread rapidly.

Keep your grill clean – many of us get a bit lazy in a way we would never tolerate in our kitchens, and fat can soon build up, creating a reservoir of fuel and the opportunity for sudden flare-ups.

Check for gas leaks – is your piping old and worn, are seals cracked, are connectors as tight as they should be?

Always make sure your barbecue lid is open before you turn the gas on – or you are creating an explosion in the waiting.

Do not overload the grill with food – all that dripping fat is literally fuel to the fire and flare-ups become much more likely.

Here at SERVPRO of Northern Summit County, we want you to enjoy a good grill out safely – but if the worst does happen we will be there to get your house back in shape and back to being your home.

Take Time this Fall to Get Ready for Winter

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

a candle, two pumpkins, and some cranberries in front of a snowy scene Make sure that you're ready for the harsh weather on its way this winter.

LEAVES are showing signs of turning and pumpkins are appearing on front porches – fall is definitely well on its way.

Which is the ideal time to think a little further ahead and make sure you take advantage of the last of the nice weather to give your home the once-over and ensure you are prepared for the harsh winter weather?

And given this is Northeast Ohio, that means making sure you – and your house – are prepared to withstand a snowstorm.

When the snow falls hard and fast, you need to be ready – make sure you have snow shovels on standby and a good supply of rock salt ready to grit your driveway. If you have pets, make sure you have a safe variety as regular salt can burn paws. Stock up on winter fuel if you rely on wood, coal, oil, or gas supplies to heat your home. Even if you usually use central heating, it is a good idea to have some supplies in case power goes down.

Make sure you have a ready supply of blankets and warm clothes in case the power does go out, along with suitable food supplies, flashlights, spare batteries, and candles in easy to find locations.

But while you need provisions, so does your home if it is to – literally – weather the storm.

Take the time to check your insulation to winterize your property – check insulation levels in attics, basements, and walls, and maybe consider plastic over your windows. Make sure any exposed pipes are lagged and insulated to prevent freezing – and maybe even leave a tap on dripping to help keep water moving in the pipes.

Have your heating systems professionally checked and serviced to make sure they are working properly, efficiently, and safely – you do not want to find out you had a faulty thermostat during a snowstorm.

Check for draughts and find where they are coming from – time for a little bit of caulking to seal them up – and get the roof checked for leaks or holes, and that it is up to bearing the weight of the snow.

But if the worst does happen and the winter weather finds its way into your home, your experts at SERVPRO of Northern Summit County are on hand throughout to help rescue and repair your property.

Are Winter Storms Worse than Summer Storms?

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

Pine forest covered in snow during snow storm Winter storms bring a whole different set of problems from summer storms.

All storms are not the same – one of the joys of living in Northeast Ohio is the wide variety of our weather.

And while storms happen all year round, a summer storm is quite different from a winter one.

In the summer we have to deal with lightning, thunder, hurricanes, and tornadoes. But the winter brings ice, snow, and extreme cold.

Which is worse? On one hand, it is a matter of opinion – but on the other, the impact of damage can be more easily identified.

Both can cause catastrophe to a home or building – summer storms bring the risk of flooding or even in rarer cases complete devastation by a tornado or lightning hit.

But winter storms bring snow and ice – which lasts much longer than the storm itself, with huge numbers of homes affected at the same time.

Snow is heavy and turns to water slowly, finding its way into cracks and crevices in the fabric of your home.

The cold – which can be extreme in Northeast Ohio – causes pipes to burst and windows to crack.

And repairs can take much longer as roads are blocked and its harder to work outside.

But no matter which type of storm impacts you and your home, SERVPRO of Northern Summit County is on 24/7 standby to help you clean up the devastation caused by Mother Nature, identify the repairs needed, and get them underway fast and efficiently.

Restoring Your Commercial Property After a Fire

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

close-up of a burned wall of a building If fire happens at your property, you'll need a professional team to return things to normal quickly.

FIRE is the biggest destroyer of businesses by far – most businesses that suffer a large fire simply never reopen their doors again.

Naturally all businesses are going to be impacted by a disaster of any kind – a tornado or flooding for example.

But in most cases, with proper clean up and repairs, a business can soon be back on its feet and welcoming customers once again.

Fire is different – the heat and smoke damage from a fire can literally destroy even the strongest of structures, rendering even brick-and-mortar buildings dangerous and unsafe.

Which is why it is vital to call experts in as soon as possible if you want to see your business trade another day.

Starting with a 24-hour response, SERVPRO is there to begin work immediately to get you back to work with the minimum of interruption possible.

Our experts will immediately assess the damage, begin work to mitigate further damage if necessary, and start planning for the clean up.

This involves not just working on smoke and fire damage, but removing the water and foam that will have been used by the fire service to extinguish the blaze.

And finally our team will work with you to restore your commercial premises back to a fully functioning business environment as quickly and efficiently as possible – better than new.

SERVPRO of Northern Summit County Will Be There for You

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

night sky with stars Any time, day or night, SERVPRO will be there for you.

Disasters don’t wait until you’re ready to strike. And they certainly don’t have business hours. Anything could happen at any time and chances are that disaster will catch you unprepared. But you don’t have to stress because you can trust that SERVPRO will be there at any time of the day or night to help you take care of what needs to be handled.

If your basement floods in the evening on a Friday, you know that you certainly can’t wait until first thing Monday morning to handle the damage. The longer water sits in your home, the more damage there will be. Too long and you might just lose everything. A quick response is of the utmost importance for you to get back to life as usual. SERVPRO is on call for your disasters, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, even Christmas. Of course, no one wants to imagine that their holiday could be wrecked by a disaster but for some people, it is a reality. Knowing who you can call and trust in those times of dire need could make a huge difference in getting your life back to normal faster. Make sure you turn to a trusted disaster restoration specialist who can help you when you need it most. Call SERVPRO of Northern Summit County first.

SERVPRO of Northern Summit County Helps to Unite the Community

8/11/2020 (Permalink)

small flag in yard in the sunset SERVPRO gives flags to community businesses to show unity.

This year has been a challenge for everyone, no matter who you are or where you live. We at SERVPRO of Northern Summit County know how deeply people have been affected by all of the uncertainty in the world surrounding us. That’s why we try to do our part to bring people together in any way we can.

In March, Governor Mike Dewine called on all Ohioans to fly the American Flag to demonstrate and encourage unity among everyone during the fraught times of Coronavirus. We decided to give away USA-made flags to local businesses for our friends and neighbors to fly proudly. Between March and July, we gave away over 100 flags within our community.

Flying the flag is just a small gesture that people can make right now to help show others that they are not alone. Everyone’s situation might be a little bit different but we are all experiencing the same moment in history and together, we can get through anything. We are Americans, we are Ohioans, we are a community. We still have flags left for businesses that have not yet received one. If you are interested in a flag, please contact us at (330) 650-4486 or email with “Free Flag” in the subject line and include your business name, phone number, and address. This is a limited time offer while supplies last.

How to Test Your Sump Pump Before a Storm

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

Looking down on sump pump You can avoid big problems with just a little bit of maintenance.

A sump pump in your home could mean the difference between an average day and a disaster. Sump pumps are meant to remove excess water from around the foundation of your home – something that could prove to be invaluable during a major storm. It’s important, however, to periodically ensure that your sump pump is working properly. Regular testing will keep you apprised of any issues with your sump pump that need to be addressed before it’s too late and your home is flooded.

Testing is fairly simple and doesn’t require any special skills.

  1. First, you want to identify the exit pipe that drains water out of your home (it will be located outside the house). Inspect the pipe for any debris that could be clogging it to ensure that it will drain properly.
  2. Next, you should take a large bucket of water and slowly pour it into the sump pit until you hear the pump click on and start draining the water.
  3. Listen as the water recedes to hear the pump click back off once the water has been drained.

If the pump either does not kick on when water is poured into the pit or if it doesn’t shut off again once the water has been drained, it is not working properly. Most commonly, sump pumps get unplugged by a member of the family for one reason or another and then forgotten to be plugged back in. This incredibly simple solution could make a significant difference in the event of a high water situation. Another common sump pump problem is that the float activator is set too high and doesn’t turn the pump on in time. You can adjust it yourself fairly simply and ensure the pump kicks on when it is supposed to. If you check all of the above aspects but the pump still doesn’t work, then you know that it is time to have it professionally serviced.

Performing regular checks on your sump pump could be the difference between a dry home and a house flood that will disrupt your life. If you experience water damage in your home, call on us at SERVPRO of Northern Summit County to come to the rescue. We are faster to any disaster at any time, 24/7/365. You know you can trust our highly qualified technicians to help make it "Like it never even happened."

The Dangers of Storm Water in Your Home

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

water flooding a kitchen Storm waters entering your home could harm both your things and your health.

Some of us love a good storm, love watching the rain fall in torrents and lightning crack across the sky while the thunder rolls. Others of us might hate the storms and want to hide under the bed like our dogs when extreme weather rolls through. Regardless, storms are a part of our lives in Northeast Ohio whether we like it or not, and sometimes we have to deal with some adverse effects from the heavy rains that will inevitably befall us.

Some people might think that if they don’t live in flood plains, then they will never have to worry about flooding in their homes. However, these intense storms that dump tons of water in a short amount of time can cause damage to homes in all kinds of different situations.

One of the biggest risks to any home as a result of a storm is Category 3 Black Water backing up into living quarters. This is water, mainly sewage but also water from overflowing streams or lakes, that is highly contaminated and could affect the health of people in your home. There are three levels of black water damage that you could experience.

  1. Level one originates inside the home and is contained to a small area. Most of the home, including the structure and porous material, are not affected.
  2. Level two also originates inside the home, but a larger area is affected, including porous material, and structure must be inspected for contamination.
  3. Level three comes from an outside source like a main sewage line or overflowing river or lake and causes greater health risks from contamination over a longer period of time.

CAT 3 Black Water contains many different kinds of bacteria, mold, and viruses that can affect your health. Diseases such as tetanus, hepatitis, and various kinds of infections, among other health issues, can be spread by exposure to black water. You should avoid direct skin contact with black water and even breathing in contaminated air could lead to illness.

If you experience flooding in your home, the most important thing to do is address the problem as quickly as possible. Call SERVPRO of Northern Summit County and we will be there anytime 24/7/365. Our highly-trained technicians know how to handle black water contamination and make your home safe again. Protect yourself and your family from health risks and know that SERVPRO will help return your home to normal.

Summer Fire Safety Tips in Northern Summit County

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

Closeup of a small bonfire Enjoy all the activities you enjoy this summer, but stay safe!

Summer is in full swing in Northeast Ohio and that means people are spending more time soaking up the sun and enjoying the outdoors – or maybe that they’re sitting inside loving the air conditioning. Either way, people are enjoying those good summertime feelings, well-deserved after another long, cold NEO winter. Don’t let a summer fire come along and ruin that warm-weather positivity. It’s true that house fires are less common in the summer than in the winter, but there are some precautions you can take to avoid a disaster at your home.

  1. Grilling: For many people, grill out is a major perk of warm weather. Cooking your food over an open flame just gives it that smokey, delicious quality you can’t get on the stove or in the oven. It’s important, however, to make sure you take some simple precautions like checking the propane hose and tank for leaks before turning your grill on after a period of disuse. Additionally, you always want to make sure that you keep your grill a safe distance of at least three feet away from your home and out from under any overhangs. One of the most common causes of grill fires is a failure to clean the grill, leading to internal fires that could quickly get out of control. Clean your grill after every use to remove grease and leftover particles.
  2. Bonfires: Even though it’s warm outside, a favorite summertime activity for many people is sitting around a backyard bonfire. Bonfires are also a common way for people to eliminate yard waste that they have lying around. Make sure that fires are at least five times the height of the fire in distance away from any surrounding structures. Never burn aerosols, canisters, or anything containing foam or paint as they could explode, and the fumes can be toxic. When putting out a bonfire, make sure that you rake and turn the coals while dousing them with water to ensure that the fire is completely out.
  3. Air conditioners: Another common cause of summer fires is air conditioner malfunction. Of course, it is wonderful to be able to go into a nice cool home after an afternoon spent in the oppressive summer heat but it’s important to make sure that your AC is properly maintained to avoid any issues. Window units especially tend to be the major culprits for fire starters, as they sometimes overload electrical outlets or have internal faults that cause problems. Don’t leave your window AC unit running for too long without breaks or when you are not around. Additionally, if you have central air, you are at much lower risk for air conditioner fires but having your system periodically inspected, every few years, to ensure it is still in good working condition could save you from disaster later on.

If a fire does happen in your home this summer, know that you can call on SERVPRO of Northern Summit County to come to the rescue. We are faster to any disaster and our highly trained technicians can remove all evidence of fire from your space, including smoke damage. Call us when disaster strikes.

SERVPRO of Northern Summit County Technicians are IICRC Certified

7/8/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician cleaning Trust our highly-qualified technicians with all of your cleaning and restoration needs.

At SERVPRO of Northern Summit County, we are highly invested in providing the highest possible quality care to everyone who needs our services. We know that, oftentimes, when people call on us at SERVPRO, it is not under the most fortunate of circumstances. Our disaster restoration services are meant to help people recover from some of the worst, most difficult situations they may ever face – events like fires, floods, and major storm damage. That’s why we pride ourselves on having some of the most highly trained restoration technicians in the industry who you can trust to restore your home or business to perfect condition after a disaster befalls you.

All of our SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified, which means that they have been trained to meet a high level of quality for all of their work. The Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification is a nonprofit that helps to set globally recognized standards for these areas. By sending our technicians to IICRC training, we are ensuring that every single person who utilizes SERVPRO for their cleaning and restoration needs is receiving the best possible work in their time of need.

You can trust SERVPRO of Northern Summit County to come to your aid at any time, 24/7/365 with the best people for every task. We have been in business for over 35 years, helping to restore people’s homes and businesses to perfect condition after disasters. Whether you are in need of fire, water, or storm damage cleanup, mold remediation, or proactive and reactive cleaning measures, we can make it "Like it never even happened." Make sure SERVPRO is your first call when disaster comes knocking at your door.